Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More that thousand words.


Hello guys. Ye, mmg sangat sangat lama dah tak updated blog ni. Kesian dia, di pinggir kan. HAHA! Maaf laa. A lot of things to do. And Alhamdulillah, semuas sudah settled. Diam diam tak diam dah masuk bulan MArch 2012 and my last post was on December 2011. Ouh my! Lama gila tak updated. HAHA! So, how life is going on?? :)

Actually, I have a lot of story to tell, more that a thousand words to type, but then, there is not enough time to spend. I really miss to bebel on this blog. MISS MISS MISS. Haish. Final semester really killing me. And yes! My final examination is just around the corner. See, time past by just like that ! Tahu tahu dah nak final, tahu tahu dah habis belajar, tahu tahu dah nak grad, tahu tahu there is no more Segamat. Wuuuaaaaa. Sedih. :(

A lot of things I learned there, Segamat. A lot of memories. A lot! I will miss that hutan simpan and pendalam place! HAHA! :DD
I do want to bebel, but I know where to start. So, the idea is, I will post one by one each day starting tomorrow. Insya Allah. 
So, see you guys everyday start with tomorrow and end with I dont know. HAHA ! Chow ! :)