Thursday, September 29, 2011

it just for fun.


Ouh, entri ni saja je post. Untuk hiburan saya. :)
Tapi, untuk tatapan anda. :DD

Taaaadaaa! HAHA! :DD
Meet Mr. Domo and Mrs. Bean ! :)
See, now Mr.Bean had his Mrs. HAHA! :DD
I told ya, it's just for fun. Chow! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

final fever !


Haaaa. nampak tajuk?? Saja je nak bagi tahu !
Good luck and Selamat maju jaya semua !
Chow. ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Hello ladies and gentlemen, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! :DD
I hope it's not to late to wish HAPPY HARI RAYA everybody ! :)
And yes! I still got duit raya, from my aunt and also my uncle. Yeay ! See, im not that old. weeee. ;)

Okay, lets move on. Wow! It been a month and 13 days since my last post. Lama tuuuuu. HAHA! Maaf laaaa. I got a lot of work, assignment and tests of course. So, i didn't have the time to post. And plus, I didn't have broadband. So, if i wanted to post i had to go cyber cafe or borrowing my roommate broadband. Tak syok la kalau kau pinjam berjam jam, dan asik selalau pinjam kan?? Apa pulak die kata nanti. HEHE. :DD
So, that is why im not updating my blog. :)

Actually, a lot of thing does happen for this one month missing in action. But then, i guess, Im to lazy to remember all those things, and have to type all those things. HAHA! Pemalas. Its nothing actually, it's just about my life. How people around me can be so annoyed, how my mood change rapidly, and how I have to manage life with all those pressure, but who's care?? Live your life to the fullest right?? Hell yeah ! :)
So, let those memorable time be as sweet as a candy, bitter as a ginger*is ginger taste bitter?? tak kesah lah!* , hurting like hell and happy as u are in heaven, be a memories. :)

So, next Tuesday will start my final examination for this semester. And the first paper is Taxation. I just need luck in this paper. -,-''
Next paper is Marketing, then Law, continued with Financial Management and last is Financial Accounting.   
My last paper will date on 9th of October 2011. Tutup pagar ! -,-''
Dari semester dua smapai lah semester lima, always tutup pagar. Bosan lah ! Nak balik awal boleh?? Adoi.
And for your information im taking my MUET this semester, and it will be this October and November this year. So, i guess i have to improve my English to the next level. Ceit ! Poyo ! No, what i means is, i have to read a lot and speak a lot. So, that i have an idea about the topic given and a point to talk and elaborate and i will not sound stupid among others candidates. See the spirits?? *percaya lah, sementara je semua ni. DUSTA DUSTA! :DD
Just pray for me everyone. I do need them for every single day in my life. :)
So, i think it enough for today. HAHA! i will continued my speech later*okay ini poyo*, went im not busy and the internet is on the line. HAHA! :DD
Last but not less, again. SELAMAT HARI RAYA ! :)